The Pine Village Christian Church

Finding A Little Gem In A Small Town

I was getting ready to leave Pine Village when I noticed a church down one of the streets. I made my way down there and made a couple of photos of it. As I was heading back to the main road I noticed another church just down the road on the other side of the street. I drove down there and found this amazing church just sitting in the town. This church had been here since 1901, and just had a cool look about it to me. I even ran into the pastor while making photos and got a little info on what the church used to look like. Those are the cool little moments that you never expect.

Thinking Of The History

When there is a building like this that has been around over 120 years you can’t help but think of the history that it has seen. In a small town like Pine Village you would think that a lot of weddings and other family events have been in this building. When there is an old building like this I try and take a little more time to make photos of it. You never know when it will come down. My drive through Pine Village that day was a very good one that gave me a few photo stories. Those are always great days. Below are a couple of bonus photos of the Pine Village Christian Church.

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