Breaking Out The Infrared Camera At The Pine Village Gym

Getting The Infrared Camera Back Out

A while back while at the Pine Village Gym I tried to make all of the photos that I could think of while I was there. I knew that the gym was not going to be there much longer. In fact that very week I was sent some photos of it coming down. I am glad that I tried to get all of my ideas out while I was there. This is a cool old building that has all of the hallmarks of that era. I was glad that I was able to photograph it when I did.

Trying To Be Like Ansel

I really like the way that my skies look when I am using the infrared camera. They remind me of those black skies in the work of Ansel Adams. I would never go so far as to compare my work with his, but I like to try and put some aspects of his photos into mine. Here that black sky really helps make that white building pop.

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