Harrison Baseball Walks Off Crown Point

Harrison Baseball Wins A Fun One In Ten Innings

Last night I had planned to just hang out at home with the family. I had no idea that Harrison was playing a Duneland team just down the road. By the time I knew the game was going on it was well into it. I knew that I would be at two of their games today so I just decided to stay at home. A text that it was tied in the 8th made me grab my camera and head down to the field. I ended up seeing a couple of very intense innings as the Raiders had some great chances to walk it off before finally doing so in the 10th. Baseball is fun when both teams refuse to lose, and that is exactly what we saw last night.

More Photos From The Game

Below are a few bonus photos that I made while at the game. Like I said above today should be a day filled with Harrison baseball photos as they play two at home. I even managed to make a photo of some members of the Harrison softball team who travel up north for two against Portage today.

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