Morning With The Blue Jays

A Great Morning With The Blue Jays

Thursday I was back out at the Celery Bog hoping for something interesting in the morning light. With a blue sky overhead I knew that I had to make something of it before things started to turn nasty. With a storm coming in I knew that I had to get out and make some photos early in the day. What I didn’t expect was an amazing amount of blue jays that didn’t seem to mind that I was around. They seemed to be more curious about the other blue jays. While they looked for the next bird to chase I was able to make some photos of them that I really liked. With all of the chasing going around I was also able to make photos on a lot of different perches. When I saw the first bluebird I was hoping that it would come somewhere near me. I had no idea what kind of fun was in store for me. Days like this will make you very spoiled.

A Bluebird Day

In Colorado those clear blue skies would be called a bluebird day. This small batch of bluebirds just made it a really good bluebird day. For landscape photography you would like a cloud or two in the sky. When you are photographing birds up against the sky you want a clear blue sky. I had a lot of fun yesterday trying to make as many bluebird photos as I could. Below are a few bonus photos from a fun morning.

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