A Couple Of Walks At The Celery Bog

Getting Out For A Walk

This week I went out to the Celery Bog for a walk a couple of days. This time of the year there is not much to see out there. The good news about that is that I get a much better walk in as I am not stopping as much. The fun part about these walks is just getting out and planning future photo days out there. The bog has changed so much I felt like I needed to get out there and do some exploring. I found a couple of new areas that might just be amazing when migration starts. Time will tell, but it is always good to find some new places to make photos. One bonus of just getting out there are the happy accidents that happen. As I was walking down a paved path I realized that there was a group of three deer that were just staring at me. I stopped and stared back for a while before they decided to just keep on going about their business. It was a cool moment that I would not have had unless I had gotten out there.

Being More Intentional With My Wildlife Photography

This year I wanted to be a little more selective with my wildlife photography. I spent two days at the bog with only six images to show for it. Some of that is of course because things are really slow there. I also was editing in the field a bit deciding not to make photos of birds because of various reasons. In the past I wanted that far away photo of a bird to prove that I saw it. I am the worst birder in the world so I really don’t need that proof anymore. This year I hope to try and make better photos even if that means less of them. We will see how that works out during migration.

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