Another Snowy Walk Around Purdue Athletics

Taking A Snowy Walk

When I set out on my walk early Sunday morning I had no intentions of walking around the athletics facilities at Purdue. I wanted to make a snokeh photo at the Boilermaker statue though so I found myself across campus from where my car was. I am glad that I walked down there though because I really like the photo above. I have not messed with this much in the past as I always liked to be closer to the buildings. I made this photo just before the snow really started to lighten. Good timing brought me here. Hopefully I will be back in Mackey on Sunday for the t-shirt game. With the new camera rules I need a pass to get my camera into the stadium to make a photo. So far I have photographed every one of these games. It would be cool to add one more on Sunday.

More Around Athletics

Below are a few bonus photos from my walk around athletics Sunday morning. For most of my walk the snow was ideal. Just as I got back up to Mackey and the John Wooden statue though things started to let up. With more snow forecasted soon I may have some more snokeh chances this week. I still have a couple more posts from campus that I need to publish yet from my walk. With a lot of basketball this week they will be posted in between the games.

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