Top Purdue Photos Of 2022 (Part Two)

My Favorite Images Of The Purdue Campus In 2022

Okay yesterday I showed you my favorite Purdue clock tower photos of 2022. Today is all about the rest of campus. This is a fun campus to photograph, and it is always changing. There is always something new to find and photograph. Here are some of my favorite Purdue photos from this past year.

I love a good reflection photo. Here early in the year I made a couple of photos that I really liked after a rainy night on campus. A night on campus with puddles everywhere is a great way to get out and flex your creative muscles.

This year the basement of the Union was opened after being closed for renovations. The new space is a far cry from the dungeon that it used to be. I had this idea for one of the new features of the basement, and I am glad that it worked out.

This used to be one of my favorite places to make photos. I am sure that it has an official name, but I always just called it the corridor. Since I made this photo though the signs that have been up honoring the student athletes have been replaced with signs honoring donors. If you want one sign of how things have changed in this area of campus lately this is it. Money has always ruled, but it has become the primary focus now apparently.

I like this simple scene on a snowy night. The snow covered bikes and the snokeh just make for a fun scene.

Part of my goals this year for my photography was to find the little things. Here a student took the time to make this little snowman. It was a fun find on a crazy, snowy night on campus.

I always like to make snokeh photos at the VOSS model. I like to think that they are the stars in the sky over this little representation of our galaxy. Here the colors worked out to make a very interesting photo.

If you ever went to school here you know the importance of the snow polishers. They have a vital role of making sure that the walkways are as slick as they can be. Here I captured one of those polishers doing its work on campus.

The Purdue football complex looking good in a reflection. This is such a great entrance, but it just never really photographs well. Here the reflection allowed me to just simplify the frame a little.

I had this idea for a photo one morning as the moon was setting. For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about the star over Bethlehem as Jesus was being born. Maybe it is my Catholic upbringing that has me bring everything back to that.

With the ten stop ND filter I can let fast moving clouds blur out. It is a fun way to get creative on campus. You have to wait until the right time to start your long exposure. It is also a great way to show how fast time flies when you are on this campus.

I made this photo just after sunset while waiting for the moon to rise. I love the gradient in the sky. You really don’t have to do anything other than to make the photo. Nature has already done the rest.

After photographing the full moon over the clock tower I saw that this could be a fun photo. The moon is so bright and it was so dark that I was never going to balance this exposure. That is when I decided to try and make it look more like a sunrise photo by changing my white balance. I like how this turned out.

This is a panoramic image that was fun to make. I really need to get out and give this one another try with a tripod. It is a cool little nook on campus that looks great.

We did not get out for as many fountain runs this summer as in years past. As the kids get older they are not as interested in running through the fountain. The little kid in me still loves the fountain runs, and here I had some fun trying to capture that feeling.

When I saw them putting this building up on campus with all of the windows I knew that the photography was there. Here on a rainy night I was able to make some nice reflection photos with a nice blue hour sky.

The new band building on campus is set up for photography. With the street closed in front of it you can take your time and make some images. Here I tried to make the street design match the building a little.

This is a fun reminder of a great couple of days on campus. For my little ones birthday she wanted to stay in the Union Hotel. I have always wondered about it so we decided to do it. I love these little inset seats so they had a lot of my attention when I went out to make photos when everyone fell asleep.

I love making fall photos on campus. Here I tried to isolate the motion P with some of the fall foliage.

I can’t believe that I missed this photo yesterday. While out making fall foliage photos I made this image that had a cooler feel to it. I liked the way that it contracted with everything else that I did on the day.

A rainy night on campus allows for interesting photo opportunities. I never made the photo that I set out to make that night, but I did have some fun trying some new things.

Here a great sky and some fall leaves leads you into this photo of the engineering fountain.

With the rain and leaves out I was never thinking about a photo like this. When I saw it presenting itself though I quickly went down to a knee to make it. This new building on campus is quickly becoming a favorite.

As the lunar eclipse was just getting going I made this photo at the Boilermaker statue. It would be too low for this in a few minutes so I moved on to my targets on main campus. I really liked how this one turned out though.

The reflections combined with the infrared camera made for an interesting image here. I love all of the angles and lines leading into the center of the photo.

The year ends with a photo of the Christmas tree arriving at the Union. This is a fun tradition that I have covered for years now. It always amazes me how they get that huge tree through that small door.

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