The Moon Sets Over Purdue

Watching The Moon Set Over Purdue

On Saturday morning I woke up and made my way to campus to watch the moon set. I knew that I could get a pretty good view of it near the Purdue clock tower from one of the parking garages. It would also let me watch the sun rise over Lafayette in the other direction. These trips are always fun as there is always some anticipation as to what will happen. With the moonset though you can watch it go down so you don’t have quite the thrill as you do photographing the moon rise. That moment when the moon first appears and you realize that you had it figured out is pretty cool.

Planning An Adventure

This year I like the idea of planning more photo outings like this one. It is fun to use some tools to come up with photos. On this trip I was not as precise as I would have liked to be. I knew though based on the way the moon would set that I would have a chance to make a photo of it on the clock tower like you see above. This year I would like to get a little more precise with how things will go so that I can really have some fun. On this adventure my friend Mark joined me. The last time that we made a photo of the moon and the clock tower together was a few days before the pandemic started. Just in case this is like last time I would stock up on toilet paper. In case things go well though you can see more of Mark’s work here.

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