2022 Top Photos Of Greater Lafayette

My Favorite Photos Of Greater Lafayette From 2022

On my storage site I have a tag for any photos that are made in the county not on campus as being from Greater Lafayette. I am sure that there is a better way to tag the photos, but this works the best for me. Here are my favorite local photos from this past year.

The year started off with a night when I was hoping for snow on Main Street. I went out to make snokeh photos, but I will take this one. As fast as downtown is changing lately I will have a lot to document in the coming years.

With snow on the way I went to a local park with another photographer to practice snokeh photos one night. One thing that I had never done before was making snokeh photos at sunset so this was a fun opportunity. I tried to find a foreground interest for my photo and this basketball hoop was the perfect subject. This might just be my favorite snokeh photo from the year because of the sky.

Pancakes on the Wabash are always fun to photograph. The conditions have to be just right for this to happen, and that usually means cold fingers while working my drone. The photos are usually worth it though.

Daytime snokeh is not always my favorite thing to photograph as it makes it much harder to see the flakes in the sky. When the sky has a little color to it though the flakes show up very nicely. Here is one of my favorite corners on Main Street with some snow falling all around. I am writing this before the new year hoping to make some snokeh photos very soon.

Blue hour and the courthouse always makes a good photograph. Here it was lit up blue and gold for Ukraine in early March.

Early on in my photography career I made a few photos of the elevator in Buck Creek. This year my oldest played a softball game just down the road from here, and I made this photo after her game. The storm rolling in made for a cool sky.

Early one morning I made this photo of the moon and five planets over Lafayette. On the little screen it doesn’t look the best, but I love the detail in this large panoramic image.

A church peak rises up out of the trees as the pre fourth of July fireworks go off all around it. I went up on top of a parking garage hoping to make something like this over the courthouse. This was a very nice consolation prize though.

In late July I finally bought an infrared camera. I had rented some over the years, but I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one. Here is a view of Lafayette from across the pedestrian bridge.

I went up onto a parking garage with the idea of capturing the full moon rising directly behind it. A low level cloud obscured the moon until it was above the courthouse. It has to be funny to see me running down a ramp on a parking garage with my 600mm on a tripod chasing the moon. It is worth it though for a photo like the one above. Maybe this year I can get the clear sky needed to make the photo that I had in mind.

This year we had a loofa plant in the yard that I played around with for a while. My favorite photo of it was early on as this lady bug crawled around on it. It is simple, but maybe that is why it appealed to me so much.

I made this photo after a morning spent chasing the blood moon around campus. Before heading home I made this photo off a barn down the road from my house. The moon is already getting obscured by the clouds, but I really liked this photo.

Here are a few photos that I liked from a drive out into the country with my infrared camera. On clear days with high sun this camera really lets me get creative at a time I normally would not make any photos. Hopefully I can build on what I learned this year with the camera.

This is what I want to do more of this year. I know that this is not the most technically great photo, but it does remind me of a fun night. While walking to our meeting spot before walking in the Christmas parade this year I made this photo of the moon behind a church.

Coming home from a basketball game one night I saw a huge puddle in front of O’Rears. Early on in the days of this blog I made a photo of this sign when it was much more colorful. When I saw this scene I knew that it was a black and white image. I love these little moments that I never expect to happen. When they pop up it is fun to make the photo.

Here are a couple of photos from the Haan museum late in the year. This is a place with some great art inside and outside of it, and I always leave inspired to make some of my own.

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