Ruby Sits Through The Cold

Ruby Sits In The Warm Sun On A Cold Day

On Christmas Eve I went out to the Celery Bog to see if Ruby was ready to warm up after a long cold night. I timed my arrival for just before the sun made its way over some low level clouds. It was still below zero when I pulled up to the bog so I knew that the morning light would feel good to Ruby. To my surprise she was out before the sun. It should have been on her, and I think that she knew that. As I walked to my spot Ruby never left her squint. I was beyond cold and getting ready to call it a day with what I had when a branch fell off a tree down the hill from where I was standing. I turned to see what it was, and when I looked back Ruby was looking at me as if to say can you believe that? I made my photo and then wished her a Merry Christmas before heading back to my warm car.

Photography On A Cold Day

Moments before I made this photo my battery on my camera went out on me. I had extra batteries in my pocket with a set of hand warmers keeping them warm, but it was amazing to me how fast that fully charged battery went out on me. In the few seconds it took to swap the batteries my fingers were nearly numb. I only had the idea to stay a short while in the woods, but that quick battery swap really sped up my exit. As I was pulling away from my parking spot I thought back to the owl. I could get back to my car, but she was still in that freezing cold tree. I know that they are built differently, but she still had to be cold.

One Reply to “Ruby Sits Through The Cold”

  1. Love seeing Ruby again. I was thinking of her just the other day. I remember walking on the park when it was so cold my phone would stop working completely. The first time it happened, I thought it had died but when it warmed up, it came back. What a relief!

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