One Last Hummingbird Post

A Final Hummingbird Photo

This is my last hummingbird photo of the year. I saved a couple photos from when I was making them every day thinking about the winter when they would be gone. It is always good to have a couple of photos that you like to post when things are not so green and most of the birds have flown south for the winter.

The Last Post Of The Year

This is always a weird time of the year. Starting tomorrow I will have a best of post every morning for the first couple of weeks of the year. After that I will still have my daily posts closer to lunch. It is a fun time to look back at the year that has just passed while being excited for the new year ahead of you. I love nothing more than to make my albums for the new year. I should say I love the idea of filling those albums and what could be ahead of me in the next year.

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