One Quick Picture

Just One Quick Photo

While walking to our spot before the Lafayette Christmas Parade I saw the potential for a photo. The moon was rising and I saw that I could put in right into the tower of this church if I moved over far enough. My daughter is amazing because she could see what was happening and took the quick detour with me. We walked about a half block over so that I could line up this photo. We made it and then kept moving on towards the parade.

The Camera You Have With You

I had a camera setup to make low light photos of my daughter in the parade. This photo was not on my radar when I left home. One of these days I need to line this up against with a longer piece of glass to make the moon a little bigger. This was a great way to use what I had on me to make a interesting photo though. My goal going into this year was to make more photos like this. It is fitting that I post it as the year is almost over. I want to carry this over into the new year. Photograph everything.

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