Christmas Snokeh At The Arch

Finally A Little Snokeh

Around mid day on Friday my phone alerted me to some snow that was coming. I have been waiting for some snow that is snokeh worthy, and I hoped that it would come down enough to at least wet my appetite. Making snokeh photos during the day is hard because you pretty much lose everything that is in the sky. You have to find dark backgrounds so that the flakes show up. I had two photo ideas up on campus to try out. Here the wreaths give the feeling of Christmas to the photo while still going me enough of a background for the flakes of snow to show up.

Snokeh Season

This is the time of year when I start to have a little fun. When the snow starts my snokeh camera kit comes out. It is basically my A7R4 camera and the 24-105mm lens with a flash mounted on top of it. Over the years this kit has helped me make some really fun photos. When the conditions are right this is a really fun way to get a little more creative during the winter. A couple of years ago I made a blog post explaining a few ways to make these photos a little easier. Here is a link to that post.

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