The Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree

The 2022 Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree

Every year I head down to the Union after everyone at home is asleep to make some photos of the tree in the Union and the grand hall that it is in. We still visit the tree as a family, but I use this time alone to make my annual photo of the tree. It has become a fun yearly tradition that I enjoy doing. It is the same photo pretty much every year, but it fun to make and compare with years past.

Take Two

This year I made two trips down to the tree after the kids were asleep. On the first trip I was using a wide angle down on the stairs. In person it looked like a great photo, but this tree is pretty bottom heavy. I did not like how those photos turned out so I made another trip this week to make the photo at the top of the post. I put my tripod up a little higher to try and balance the tree out a bit more. You can see a photo from my first attempt below. It is not terrible, but I wanted to try something a little different.

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