The Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree Arrives

An Annual Tradition

For years now when there has been a tree at the Purdue Union I have tried to get down to campus to photograph its arrival. This is a really fun tradition that I hope to keep doing every year. It really is amazing how they get this huge tree into the Union. When you think about the time from when it is hooked up to the crane outside until it is standing straight up it really is not that long. Over the course of the next couple of weeks this tree will show up on the blog a few times. If all goes well my little one and I will be at the tree lighting in a couple of days. Of course the annual wide angle tree photo will show up on here as well.

Something New

As I said above I have photographed this tree arriving many times now over the years. I really wanted to do something different this time. I will be the first to admit that I have a photography addiction. Nothing personifies that more than dreaming about a new angle for a photo. Early Monday morning I woke up after dreaming of this angle. I grabbed my phone and pulled up some photos from around this point to see if it would work. Of course in my dreams the tree was higher and the shot worked out much better. It still was a new way to look at this event. Next year I may just sit on this photo and wait for the right moment to get what I had dreamt about.

More Photos From The Day

Below are a few bonus photos from my time on campus yesterday. I really do enjoy trying to think of new ways to show this event. This year I tried to really show the size of the tree by trying to show people interacting with it. I hope you enjoy the photos, and come on out and see this tree in person. It really is pretty cool.

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