Christmas At The Entry Arch

Another Look At Last Years Decorations At Purdue

Last year was a fun year making Christmas photos at Purdue. It was so fun that I kept doing it after the holiday was over. I made this photo on the first of the year when I went out looking to make some photos. This year if they decorate the arch in a similar fashion I can have some fun with it. Last year the area was still under construction. I had to get in tight to get rid of some of that. This year things are how they were intended to be so it will be fun to get out and make some photos with the new and improved Purdue Union in the background. By the time this post goes live I will be up on campus waiting for this years Christmas tree to show up. It is a fun tradition that I really enjoy. This year I have a couple of ideas for something a little different. Hopefully things work out there where I can make those photos.

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

It really is starting to feel like Christmas. Everywhere that you look you see the signs. It is great to see the decorations up all around, but it is even more fun to spend time with family watching Christmas movies. This year I am getting pretty ambitious trying to post as many Christmas photos from now until the holiday is here. This is the best time of the year for photography though so why not take advantage of it?

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