Indiana State Basketball at Purdue

Seeing The Indiana State Women’s Basketball Team Again

The last time I photographed the Indiana State women’s team on the road was in 2018. I was on my way to Arch Madness to photograph the Sycamore men, and I photographed them at Southern Illinois. The next year I only photographed them play once. It was cool seeing them play again, and a little bit of world’s colliding. Purdue and Indiana State are the two teams that I have photographed the most. My daughter was at the game as part of a Girl Scout outing and she asked me pregame who we were rooting for. For her it was a good question. In her life she has been involved in my photography at Indiana State. She has heard about me making photos at Purdue, but until yesterday she had not seen it that often. It was cool to have her around seeing what I do for a living again.

The Anthem Photo

For a while in my photography I didn’t do much during the anthem. In Champaign with this Indiana State team I made one of my favorite photos every during the anthem before their contest with Illinois. From that moment on I started looking for interesting photos during that time. I just made this photo about a week ago, but I used the idea again for Indiana State.

More With The Camera On The Ground

A great way to make passive photos at an event is to have a camera at your feet making wide images. At some point I start to think that all basketball images start to look the same. Having a wide angle lens at your feet is a great way to break up the gallery a bit. One of my cables was a little bent so I spent the game trying to find that balance to make it work. My replacement cables that should have arrived Thursday showed up at the house during the game. I still managed to make it work a few times and give me some different looking images.

Rock Star Light

I don’t make photos at rock concerts so this pregame light as the team enters Mackey is the closest that I get to that. I have kind of made this photo a few times this year already so I need to find a new way to use it. I love the idea of entering the arena to this light though.

A Great Week

Last week sort of felt like old times again. I was out making sports photos. This was my third game in three days. My knees were yelling at me for kneeling on frozen ground two days in a row, but it didn’t care. That feeling is way better than feeling good because you haven’t made any photos. If you have a team that you need photos of let me know. I love doing this, and I would love to keep doing it. Here are a few bonus photos from the game yesterday.

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