What If I Told You None Of It Was Accidental?

These last few days have been fun. After carving pumpkins on Tuesday night my oldest was playing around with my camera. She came up with the idea for the photo above. We added some spot lighting with our phones to the record from each side. A little talk turned into a small project. I would make a few photos over the course of the next few days while she was with her dad. Over the course of those five days this blog would turn into a little Taylor Swift blog with each post being titled after a song on her new album. I liked the idea of going out to make photos in the rain just to title a post Midnight Rain. It was fun to do, and it also gave me a different way to think of her while she was gone.

The Dominos Cascaded In A Line

I like this idea of making little projects around an album or music in general. If you have seen me out and about you might have seen me listening to music while making photos. Sometimes the two go hand in hand. This winter my sports schedule is nearly non-existent. Without that need for posts around the events it will let me have some fun with projects that last over the course of multiple days. I have thought about ways to make me think outside the box. A week of landscaped with lenses over 400mm or using some old gear that is just collecting dust. When the winter comes the photos can be hard to come by. Having a few projects to work on helps that long winter seem a little shorter.

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