Long Time No See

Checking In On Ruby

Yesterday I was at the Celery Bog for the first time in a while. I purposely parked near the hole where Ruby the resident screech owl lives. On my way into the woods she was nowhere to be seen. It had been a minute since I last saw Ruby. In fact it was near the end of spring when she was high in the tree tops with two of her kids and her beau. On my way out of the woods she was back in the hole catching some of that warm late afternoon sun. After being in the shade for a while I can relate to how good that sun felt. It was good to see her again.

Moving Just A Bit

When I first walked up to Ruby I made the photo directly above this paragraph. Ruby was nicely up against some of the last green in the woods. By taking a few steps up the trail I was able to make the photo at the top of the post with the golden leaves in the background. It is amazing what a difference a few steps can make. I like both of the photos, but I also like how I was able to completely change the photo with just a subtle move.

Things I Thought Were Owls

I used to have a section of my photo hosting site dedicated to things that looked like owls in the woods. Here was one of those that I saw on my way into the woods. At 840mm you can see a little more clearly that it is not an owl. You can also see how it could easily fool you as you scanned the woods though.

3 Replies to “Long Time No See”

  1. I like them both too but maybe the one with the yellow background a bit more. You had me for a minute with the last shot. Before reading I was searching and searching for Ruby. 🙂 Great to have a sighting of her again.

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