My Top Baseball Photos Of 2022

My Favorite Baseball Photos Of 2022

This was a fun year making baseball photos. it started off indoors making practice photos of the Purdue baseball team. This was the first year in a long time when I had no role in their team, but I still made it out to a few games. The high school season was amazing. At one point I thought that every game that I would attend would be a no-hitter. I saw two of them in a very short time frame in my neighborhood. My little ones first softball practice made it a short night, but I was able to photograph the Indiana State baseball team for the first time since the NCAA Tournament in 2019. It was a long time, and they pulled off the comeback win once I showed up. Of course the highlight of the year was the Lafayette Aviators season. I love working with a team and building something. They allowed me to do that once again this year. There is nothing like the feeling when someone believes in you. This year I had some fun during a home stand and brought the infrared camera with me. You can see that complete gallery here. My goal when the year started was to photograph as much baseball as I could this year. I still do not think that I photographed enough, but I don’t think that will ever be the case. My baseball season came to an end with the 12 inning scrimmage on Saturday. It was good to get out there one last time and watch the boys play. March will not get here soon enough. Here are my favorite baseball photos from this past year. Sorry this is so long, but I really had a good time making baseball photos this year.

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