A Night And Day Difference

Returning To A Scene

One fun thing about photography is that you can always improve on a photo. Earlier in the day on Sunday I had made a photo very similar to the one above of the Ross Ade Megatron with some fall foliage in front of it. I had the thought that some well lit clouds would look better than the blue bird sky that I was looking at. As sunset approached the clouds really were moving in, and the sunset could have really been amazing. It never lit up like I hoped that it would, but it still was very interesting.

A Couple Of Bonus Photos

Below are a couple of bonus photos from both of my sessions around the Ross Ade megatron from Sunday. I started off the day very excited that maybe I would be back on the field Saturday, but this is the closest that I will get to that. I still love this place so I wanted to finish off this idea that I had earlier in the day. Tomorrow I will have a couple of other photos from my walk around Ross Ade. As with most photos on this site you can click on the image to go directly to the photo if you would like to purchase a copy of it.

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