A Fall Walk Around Ross Ade

 A Great Time For A Walk Around Ross Ade Stadium

On Sunday morning I decided to head up to campus to check out some of the fall foliage before heading over to soccer to watch senior day. I was driving by Ross Ade on my way to Slayter Hill hoping for good colors there. As I drove by this tree I had this idea for a photo. The foliage on Slayter Hill was not quite ready for the fall colors just yet so I came back down to the football field to make some photos. This was not even on my radar when I left home, but it was a nice surprise.

More From My Walk Around The Stadium

Here are a few bonus photos from my walk around the stadium. The funny thing is while I was making these and being pretty excited about possibly being in the stadium on Saturday I was being sent my rejection letter. These leaves are great, but they will only be here for a very short time. Getting that email reminded me that you have to treat every experience the same way. You never know when things will go the other way. If you like any of these images they can be purchased by clicking the photo which will take you directly to my hosting site. You can also check out yesterday’s post for some other images from around Ross Ade on Sunday.

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