Opening Night For Purdue Football

Purdue Opens Their 2022 Season Under The Lights

For the first time since 2013 I was in the stands for the Purdue football game last night. That last game in the stands was a night game as well. I bought a ticket with a photo from that section in mind. Last night I did the same thing. I bought a ticket in this section hoping that things would turn out as I had envisioned them. I have had an idea for this photo for a while now, but I was always tasked with the coin toss duties so I could never see it through. Last night I could finally make the image that I had thought of for a while. I made this image and then a couple more from other locations before heading home.

A Weird Day

When I walked up to the stadium I could hear the team arriving. That was the first of many cues where I used to have responsibilities on game day. It was different not being on the field, and to be honest I didn’t like it very much. In the old days as a fan I would have my Gold and Black Illustrated insert with all of the important facts about the game on it in the stands. I enjoyed it up there. Now though I have had a taste of the action on the field, and the stands are just not the same. I really need to find an outlet to get back down there. Next weekend I am making photos for Indiana State so I will be on the field which will be great. Here are a couple of other bonus images from the game last night.

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