A Great Blue Heron That Can Fish

Watching An Amazing Great Blue Heron Grab Some Lunch

Yesterday I was out at the Celery Bog watching a great blue heron fish. Most of the time when I am able to see these birds up close they just scratch and stand. This bird flew over near where I was and put on a show. In about an hour and a half it caught eight fish and ate them. It only missed a couple of times as well. It was a great experience that I was happy to have been there for. The heron had to be happy too as I normally do not see them have this much success.

Put Yourself In The Place To Succeed

Normally in the late summer I have a lot of days where I watch herons fish. This year things were just not working out my way. As I thought about it though I really had not been putting myself in position to make these photos. I think that wildlife photography is really a numbers game. You have to put a ton of time into it to get results. Sometimes you get lucky and make a photo right away. Other times you have to grind it out a little. Yesterday I sat in the mud at the edge of the bog for over three hours watching the wildlife. I was rewarded with some images that I really liked. Here are a few of my favorite photos from my time with the heron. As it flew it it announced its arrival, and then almost immediately started the show.

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