The Class Of 1894 Fountain

A Different Kind Of Fountain Run

Last night I was up on campus making some photos of Loeb Fountain and the Class of 1894 Fountain. Normally fountain runs involve me in the water, but this one was just a quick run to make a few photos of both fountains. I really wanted to try and make something that I had not made before. My favorite photo of the day was this one of the Class of 1894 Fountain in front of University Hall. I have made a few photos here, but this one might be my favorite.

The First Gift

I have heard in the past that this fountain was one of the first gifts from alumni back to the campus of Purdue. Now we live in a time where people have full time jobs just to make sure the gifts keep coming to campus. Here this is from a simpler time when the alumni came together to provide something beautiful for the campus. Here many years later I spent some time enjoying their gift.

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