Shining Through

Not The Clock Tower Again!

I know, I know. Another clock tower photo. I made this photo on the 3rd while up on the parking garage waiting for the fireworks to start over Lafayette. I knew that the sun would pass through part of the bell portion of the clock tower and that it could make for a cool photo. Just because I have been posting clock tower photos lately doesn’t mean that I have to stop altogether. I really can stop if I want to. This was just one last photo and then I am done for a while.

Instagram Issues

This year I have made an effort to post more to Instagram. Near the end of 2021 I noticed that my posts were not doing as well as they had been. I figured it had something to do with the fact that I posted pretty sporadically. This year I have not missed a day posting. I have even posted multiple times on some days. The posts are just not being seen. It is crazy how good Instagram used to be, but now they have adopted the Facebook model so I have to pay for people who chose to follow me to see what I am posting. I am not a huge social media guy to begin with. I have always seen it as a necessary evil for what I do. I will probably finish out the year posting a photo a day on there, but then I will sit down and figure out if it is worth it at all. It is crazy how the platform started off as a great way to show off your photos, but now just seems to be set up for campy videos. This photo will still go up today on Instagram, but will not really be seen. What is the new place to show off your photography?

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