The Last Light Of The Day At Purdue

Watching The Last Light Of The Day Fade From Campus

Sunday night I was up on campus making some photos of the clock tower and the fireworks over Lafayette with my little one. We made a fun night of it including getting her favorite desert from 8Eleven Bistro. When we were down and I was getting ready to pack up my camera we looked back at the clock tower in the last light of the day. My little one smiled and said “One more photo.” She knows how it works. I made the photo quickly, and we were in the car on our way home in no time. When the light looks as good as it did here you have to make the one last photo.

I Have A Problem

I feel like I keep saying over and over that I am going to focus on other things on campus than this clock tower. I also feel like I keep saying that I am quitting the top of this parking garage. Here is another photo breaking both of those promises. I have a problem. I love making photos of the clock tower. I made a few others that night that I am hopefully saving for a rainy day. The clock tower looks so good that I just can’t stop myself from making photos of it.

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