My Favorite Photos From The 2022 Harrison Baseball Season

A Few Of My Favorite Images From The 2022 Harrison Baseball Season

This was a year when I just didn’t get down the road as much as I would have liked to. When I did make it down to Harrison I really enjoyed watching the team play. As I wrap up the 2022 high school baseball season I thought that I would look back at some of my favorite images from this past season with the Raiders.

This was one of the first images that I made this year. I was really forcing some baseball in early in the year, and I was hoping that the teams would get this game in. When you arrive in the rain you know that you have a problem. The kids were having fun though, and to be honest so was I. Any time around baseball is a good time even if it is raining.

Here are two great plays in right field from this past season. I love the hustle to get to each of these balls and the effort to get them in the mitt. I don’t know that I was in position to really capture either of these catches, but I loved the effort so they make the countdown.

Here you have a photo of a catcher. I have always made many photos of catchers, but this year with both girls catching that seems to have amplified even more if that is possible. They play a unique position, and they deserve any extra praise that they can get.

At Harrison you have a couple of pretty good locations to get the players sliding into first and third. Here I waited by first base hoping for a throw over. I got the throw over and a nice photo of a player getting dirty.

There are many ways to get on base, and here you can see the same player showing two of them in one game. One of them is getting a hit, and the other photo is getting hit.

Walk offs are the best. You get emotion and you get to see the players having a little fun. Here Harrison walks off game one of a doubleheader late in the season.

This season I seemed to bring the rain to the games with me. Here is yet another warm up photo with the rain coming down. I loved the fun here. It reminded me of playing catch with my dad and just getting the ball to him in whatever way that I could.

Baseball is a fun sport. Hitting dingers is pretty fun too. Here you can see that joy after hitting an early game home run. These are the fun photos to make.

This year the big wall on the third base side of the field was taken down and a fence installed in its place. That meant that you could make field level photos on that side of the stadium. I always love the hustle photos as a player is running to third and the new setup allows for that.

I am still fairly new to this stadium so I am always finding new places to make photos. If the conditions are right you can make photos through the dugout at nearly field level to get a different view of the pitchers. I love the eyes as the motion starts its way forward here.

If you have followed this blog then you know that I love a good baseball bubble photo. I may have chased this photo for far too long during the game. Usually early in the season I find the players that chew gum, and then plot to make photos like this. Right now I have been waiting on a couple of the Aviator players to give me a good photo.

Well there are my favorite photos from this past Harrison baseball season. In a couple of days I will go through my favorite high school baseball photos as a whole. This year I had set a goal to get to all of the local high school fields to see the teams play. Scheduling once again prevented that from happening. I found myself with a little bit of time to make these fun photos so I usually stayed close to home to have more time at the field. Next year I really need to sit down and schedule so that I can get to all of the local fields to see the teams play.

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