Photographing The Indiana High School Softball Championships

Photographing The Indiana High School Softball Championships

Saturday I was able to photograph part of the Indiana high school softball championships at Purdue. This is the second time that I have been inside photographing Bittinger Stadium for this event. The last time in 2019 I had a great win with a great story. This time I was there for a local team which was even cooler.

Bittinger Stadium Looking Great

Bittinger Stadium looked great Saturday night. This is a great park, and I wish that Purdue would play more here. They only had 12 games on the schedule this year, and I think weather wiped a few of those away. This is a great park, and it looks great when it is packed.

Photographing The Game

Once the game started the coverage was not as good as it could have been. I kept being told that I had to stay in the bullpens because that is where the media was kept. The team that the IHSAA hired as well as the Indy Star photographer had the run of the stadium. The only problem with being in the bullpen was that you could not see the batter when the third base coach was in the box. I made the photo above during the first game before I was told where to stand. The batter and the background were great. By the time that my game started though I gave up on making batter photos as I had all kinds of things in between myself and them. I get that they like to make money from selling images, but to sabotage the other photographers to do that is pretty shady.

As Advertised

Roncalli pitcher Keagan Rothrock was as good as advertised. She was the national pitcher of the year after all, but I wanted to see her in person to see if that was true. She was good on the mound and at the plate. She will be a great addition to the Florida softball team for sure.

More Photos From The Day

Here is a link to my gallery for the Harrison game. Below are a few bonus photos that I made on the day that are not included in that gallery. Despite the terrible spot to make photos I had fun on the day, and the atmosphere made it worthwhile. At some point organizations will quit treating photographers like they have the plague and let them make photos though.

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