The Northern Parula At The Celery Bog

Waiting For The Right Moment

Yesterday while out at the Celery Bog I heard a Northern Parula that was way up in the trees. I was talking to another photographer when I thought that I heard another one. Once there were two singing I thought that the chances that one of them came down was good. I had my chance, and just when I thought that I was going to make my photo some of the park keepers drove down the trail in a loud vehicle. It spooked the parula, and I thought my chance for the day. I decided to wait it out and see if I could get another chance. I did, and it was a better photo opportunity than I had ever had before with a parula. Having the first photo ruined made me stick around and get the best photo that I have made of this bird. A walker and a dog came through and flushed it again, but I had my photo.

Slowing Things Down

This year I have decided not to really bird out at the bog. I guess I made that decision a few years ago, but this year I am trying to really stick to it. I would rather come away with a  few really good photos of one species than many so-so photos of many species. Days like yesterday are days where that patience to wait out a photo works out. It won’t always work out, but I need to keep trying this method. In the past I have only made one photo of a northern parula that I have liked. Yesterday I made several. This has been a great start to the warbler season, and hopefully I get many more days like yesterday.

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