The First Of Many Palm Warbler Posts

The Palm Warbler Returns To The Celery Bog

One of my favorite warblers is the palm warbler. When they arrive in the spring they are very colorful, and look great after a long winter with little color. This week I had seen reports of them at the bog, but I had yet to see one in person. Yesterday I got my first glimpse at a few of them. They are back, and so are many warblers as they make their way north.

It Will Get Better

This was my first photo of a palm warbler this year. I was a little far away, and the background is a little messy. As I made the photo I thought that I will be in a better situation soon. I was thinking in the next few days, but I found myself in some better situations in just a few minutes. It doesn’t always work out that way, but luckily for me it did yesterday.

A Few Bonus Palm Warbler Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from my walk yesterday.

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