An Eastern Bluebird At The Celery Bog

A Bluebird Makes An Appearance On A Snowy Day

When I went out to the bog the other day I was hoping to find a warbler on a snowy perch. I knew it was a long shot, but it would be worth the trip if I found one. While I was waiting in one spot this bluebird was flying all around me. It really seemed to be checking me out. It landed on a couple of decent perches, but finally found this one with a great background. It was my favorite photo from the day.

Managing Expectations

Like I said above I went out with a very big long shot in mind. The odds of seeing what I wanted to find were slim, and at one point they were skewing how I felt about my walk. I had made some photos that I liked, but I really wanted that warbler in the snow photo. At one point I realized that I was getting lucky with other birds, and I let that initial photo idea go. Below are a few bonus photos from my walk that I really liked.

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