Pelicans At The Celery Bog?

Pelicans Here In West Lafayette?

Yesterday afternoon I went down to the Celery Bog to see what I could find. As I walked down to the water I saw two white shapes out on the water and just assumed it was a couple of mute swans. When I made it down to where things cleared out a bit I realized that we had two white pelicans at the bog. This is something that I personally have never seen there, and it was cool to luck into a day when they were around.

A Little Behavior

When I first started watching the pelicans they were just kind of there. One of them was sleeping, and the other was not doing much. I was just hoping to find a little behavior. I ended up getting some flight photos in as well as some interaction between the two. I did not have long to spend down by the water, but the time I did spend was worth it. Below are a few bonus photos from a fun afternoon with the pelicans.

One Reply to “Pelicans At The Celery Bog?”

  1. I love the interaction you caught in that first shot and I like that last shot as well. There have been pelicans at the Preserve for quite some time and they’re lots of fun to watch and photograph.

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