Taking My Time On Campus

Taking Some Time To Make Photos On The Campus Of Purdue

Yesterday I went to campus to have a little fun. It was really cold, and the wind made it feel much colder. The wind though was really moving the clouds so I knew that I could do some cool things with that. At times I lost feeling in my fingers, but I had a blast making images. This was my favorite from my trip around campus. The key with these photos is that you need more empty space in the clouds then you think that you would. That lets the background come through more, and you get a better streak effect.

The Lee Big Stopper

Back in the day this was the must have option to make long exposure photos. It was always on back order, and when I ordered mine I thought that I would be in for a long wait. It came right away, and I have enjoyed it ever since. Lately though I have not brought it out as much as I should. With the fast moving clouds though it was the perfect day to slow things down a little. This cost some money back then, but it has paid for itself many times over the years.

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