Indiana Wins The Barn Burner Trophy

Indiana Takes Home The Barn Burner Trophy

Yesterday was an interesting day. I have photographed a few games over the years between Purdue and Indiana. Yesterday was the first time ever that I photographed the game for Indiana. I had not been in Mackey Arena since early December so I wanted to get back in there to make some photos. It was great being back on the court and seeing some familiar faces though. In December I decided that with limited space I would only attend games that I had an assignment for. What I learned yesterday is that I really need to figure out how to drum up some more work.


This is what I miss the most about sports photography. It is fun to capture the big play for sure. I think that it is more fun to capture the emotion after that big play. It is no coincidence that the first two photos of this post have some emotion in them.

A Little Rusty

After nearly a month and a half away from the court I was a little rusty early in the game. I had this thought of how fast the players were, and then I realized that it was more about me being a little slow than them speeding up. It didn’t take long to get into the groove though. Once I made a few images they started to come easier and I could think about some things to do with the photo instead of just making the photo.

A Great Game

I had no idea on the way into the stadium yesterday what a great game I was going to see. This Purdue team is a good one, and they were much improved over the last time that I saw them play. Of course that was the exhibition game so maybe I was just not looking at the right things on that day. Being in Mackey for a women’s game with a very nice crowd reminded me of my days on campus as a student when the program was good and the fans came out. Man I hope that Purdue can get back there again. I think that they have the right person to steer the team in that direction.

A Legend

Speaking of when I was a student I took the IU hat off for a couple of minutes when they announced that Katie Douglas was in the crowd. She is a big part of a few banners in the rafters of Mackey, and it is always good to see the greats come back.

One More

Every time that I get back to a sporting event it reminds me of how much I love it. You see people on the sidelines who hate what they do, but it is there job. It is my passion. Part of this year will have to be spent figuring out how to turn what I love back into a a way to make a little money. I always said that photography was my hobby and my job. When I wasn’t photographing for the team I would still come as my hobby. As I walked out of the arena yesterday I kept thinking that I need to just get out and make photos at one more game coming up. If you have an athlete or a team that you would like photos of I am listening. Let’s work together and make something happen. I had so much fun that I decided to post a few bonus photos below.

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