Old Becomes New Again At The Purdue Memorial Union

Touring The New Purdue Memorial Union Basement

Last night I was on campus looking for a photo. The clouds looked cool, and were moving fast enough that they might have made for nice streaking photos. The photos were just not coming out though, and the lights of the basement of the Purdue Memorial Union were on. I had not been down there since the remodel so I decided to throw my mask on and check it out. There are little things all over that remind you of days past on campus. Our favorite booth from Pappy’s was even in one of the new restaurants. I liked this little section quite a bit though so I decided that it would be the focus of my first photo down there.

Making Something Fun

I started off here with a straight on photo of the stained glass and the old welcome sign. It was okay, but pretty plain. You can see that photo below. I decided to move off to the side and let some students help fill the frame. I chose an exposure just under a second so that the students could be seen, but would be more of a blur. I like both photos, but the photo with the students just feels a little more alive. Which one do you like the best?

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