Indiana State Swimming At Purdue

Great Light

I normally talk about the event a little, but with light this good I am going to lead with it. Late in the event the sun was setting and splashing right into the pool with the water. It didn’t last long, but it allowed me to make a couple of photos that I really liked. I have made many photos in this pool, but this is one of my favorites. After a few years of doing this now anything different is amazing. This definitely counts as different.

Back At The Pool

As I was putting together my best of posts for the year I noticed that I had no swimming or track in my gallery last year. I photographed some diving at the Burke Aquatic Center, but no swimming. In the course of two days though that would change to start 2022. It is kind of neat that my first two events of the year were the only two that I was not able to photograph last year.

Back At A Sporting Event

It had been over a month since my last sporting event. The NCAA volleyball championships and a half of basketball were the last things that I photographed on the 3rd of December. Every time that I make sports photos I am reminded of how much I love it. The cost of keeping my equipment up though is far more than I made last year. This year I will have to figure out how to make images that I want to make with less equipment. My long glass may be leaving, but I still have the shorter lenses that let me get the emotional photos that I love. As I write this my next sporting event on the schedule is April 6th when Indiana State comes to West Lafayette for baseball. I will have to find a way to squeeze a couple of more games in between those as I don’t think that I can go four months without making sports photos.

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