Campus Reflections

Reflecting On The Year

I made this photo on New Year’s Day while walking campus. Around the new year comes posts and reflections from people about how the last year went. At this point you have seen a few of those already on this blog with a few more to come. I went out hoping for a little snow in my photos, but knowing that if the snow didn’t come the day long rain would leave me some fun puddles to play with. I almost didn’t walk this way, but I was curious about how one of the newer buildings on campus looked. When I saw this puddle I knew that I had something, but I was not sure what it was. I was very pleased with the final result here.

Trying Something New

When this blog started ten years ago I would HDR everything. There was not a dark pixel in my photos. Over the years that has slowly changed to where I will let portions of the photo fade to black. Here though I thought that the scene was perfect to really have fun with that idea. The bright lights of Elliot and the black of the night really came together for an image that I don’t normally make. My goal for this year was to get out of my comfort zone, and to try new things. Making something that I liked on the first day of the year that is entirely off brand for me is a great step in that direction.

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