A Long Way To The Top

Climbing To The Top Of The Tippecanoe County Courthouse

Late in December I had the opportunity to get a tour of the courthouse in Lafayette when it was empty on a Saturday morning. It was a fun way to spend some time with the family learning a little bit more about something that I have photographed many times. Here we were just about to complete our climb. I made this photo showing the last two sets of steps that would get us there. During our trip I gained a new appreciation for the old courthouse, and I decided to spend this year finding new ways to photograph it. I don’t know that I will beat the views from inside of it though.

Drawing Some Parallels

We had to climb this last bit in two groups. I was in the second group so I watched everyone go up ahead of me. As I did I couldn’t help but think about how this experience was similar to my sports photography journey. Here I was close to the top, but instead of going up I was watching others do it. This is the first year in a long time when there wasn’t a sense of excitement for the coming year when it comes to sports photos. My future in it is unclear, and I decided that until I have a better plan than just beating my head into a wall I would back away from it for a while. My goal this year is instead to have more experiences like this one where I was making photos with my family by my side. the experiences are far more fun with those you love around you anyway.

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