The Sun Sets On Another Year

Another Year Of Blogging Is Complete

It is hard to believe, but here we are on the last day of 2021. This was supposed to be the year when we put the virus behind us and move on. That was not the case though. Some things returned to normal, but a lot of things did not. It was a weird year for me. I felt like I was making photos better than I ever have been before. After being forced away from sports I was able to get back in there and it felt like I never left. Of course the virus changed how people look at how they spend their money, and my business has never had a worse year. As we enter 2022 I have a lot to figure out. The main thing for my photography is how to do what I love, and make some money doing it. Things are not always about money, but unfortunately sports photography is not cheap. I need to find the client that values what I do to keep this thing moving forward. A new year always brings challenges, and this year is no different. It will be fun making my way through this new year.

Looking Back

I made this image a couple of months ago while out watching the short-eared owls fly at sunset. When the light started to fade I turned back and saw the sun going down behind this farm. I loved the little scene and made a quick photo before the sun disappeared. It was a great day making owl photos, and by turning around I was able to make another photo. Looking back really helped me here. Over the next couple of weeks the first post of the day on this blog will be another way of looking back. I will start off each day with some of my favorite photos from 2021. As I said above I feel like this was my best year yet as far as photography goes. It should be a fun year to look back through my photos. This was by far the best year for this blog. In the past my goal was just to have a better year than the year before. Sometimes that would happen, and sometimes it would not. The years would usually be around one hundred or so views of each other though. When you are talking about an entire year that it consistency. This year I beat my previous best year (last year) by almost 10,000 views. That is a big number and that fact is not lost on me. Hopefully this year I can give those new eyes something interesting to look at. The goal here was always to just post a photo with a little story. I never expected anyone to actually read this thing. If I had I would not have posted so many HDR photos of food in the early days. Thanks for stopping by and reading. It means a lot to me. This coming year is going to be a new journey for me, and I am excited to share it with you.

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