Photographing The NCAA Volleyball Tournament: Marquette vs. Dayton

Deja Vu All Over Again

Two years ago I covered Marquette in Holloway facing Dayton. That night Marquette came out on top. Last night things were a little different and Dayton took the match. The final may not show it, but this was a good match to make photos of. Early on I felt that I was doing alright, and after having over a month off from volleyball that is a good thing. Marquette is a fun team that really lets the emotion out. They made the photos seem easy to make.

A Rooting Interest

With my games in this tournament over I may be done with volleyball for the season. It was a fun year, and I am not ready for it to end. There is a chance that it would not end though. If Pitt somehow loses one of their games I believe that Purdue would host next weekend. That would give me a couple of more chances to make some photos. I don’t usually root for Penn State, but I will be watching that game very closely this weekend. It would be nice to get some more volleyball in before the winter sports completely take over.

Easy To Root For

While looking some things up about the team I ran across this article on Savannah Rennie. She has really gone through it just to get to this point. Going to college is already hard enough. Going to college while playing a sport makes it even harder. Battling cancer and getting a liver transplant while doing all of that is a lot to take on.

The Anthem

When I am working a lot I end up photographing a lot of anthems over the course of the year. I am always looking for a new way to photograph it. Here I always seem to favor the reflection for the anthem. I love reflection photos, and Holloway is a great place to get them in.


The best part about making photos this time of year is the emotion. Every point seems to be more important, and the emotion is just overflowing. If you have followed this blog for a while then you know that it was started after taking a course on capturing emotion, and it is my favorite part about sports photography.

Man I Love What I Do

I really love making photos like this. These moments are so much fun to capture. Right now there has never been a better time to book me. If you are a local team that needs photos let me know. Right now the sports side of my schedule is completely empty. Let’s work together and make something really great.

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