Purdue Soccer Gets A Big Ten Tournament Win At Home

Purdue Gets A BIG Win At Home

Sunday after volleyball I went straight to Folk Field to watch the soccer team take on Ohio State in the Big Ten Tournament. I was not paid to be there, but I was not going to miss it for anything. I have photographed the entire Big Ten Tournament at Folk Field in the past, but Purdue was not involved in it that year. This year I knew that we would have one game, and it was fun to see them get the win on their home field. This has been a special season for the soccer program, and one more home game gave me an extra chance to see them play.

Imposter Syndrome

It is funny how a day can go wrong very quickly. I thought that even though I only photographed two sets at volleyball that I had come away with some images that I really liked. At soccer though I was blocked during the one moment that I wished that I had. It was the photo of the year, and I had no look at it. Andrew the Purdue photographer was down a little ways and he nailed the photo. It is funny how the way you look at your whole gallery can hinge on one photo. I walked away from the game feeling like I didn’t have anything even though I had done fairly well. Photography is a fickle animal.

Get Low, And Then Get Lower

The three photos above show just how much different things can look the lower that you get. The first photo was from a seated position. The second photo was made laying on my belly in kind of a sniper position. The third photo I made with my camera completely on the ground. You can see how just a few inches at times can make the players look so much bigger. I need to get much lower than I do sometimes because it just looks so much better.

A Record Breaking Year

With the game winning goal Sarah Griffith became the leading scoring for a season in Purdue soccer history. It was so cool to see her do it at home. Back a few years ago I didn’t think that anyone could be better than Maddy Williams. She was so good. In just a couple of years we saw better. I cannot wait to see who will come in and take down this record. The best part about this is that the season is not over yet. The team has hopefully two conference tournament games left and at least one NCAA Tournament game. Sarah could really put some distance between herself and second place.

The End Of Soccer Season

This was most likely my last soccer match of the season. This was a fun year to make soccer photos, and as always it seemed just a little too short. This was a fun group of seniors to make photos of, and I was not ready to be done with the year. We will still have a few chances to see them play on TV hopefully with a few more wins as well.

More Photos From The Match

Here is a link to my full gallery from Sunday.

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