Meet The Wren Family

The Wren Family Joins My Backyard Birds

For the last few months I have been watching this wren family in my backyard. The Carolina Wren is a bird that generally is not very friendly so I have been trying to watch from afar. For a couple of days though they decided to give me a show and come close.

A Bad Hair Day

This was the first of the two days that I had with the wrens. This wren came up close to me and was calling to the other wrens. It did not seem to care much about me as it did so. When it popped its head up to look over the ivy I realized that it was having a bad hair day. I normally wouldn’t post a bad hair day, but this is fall and a few birds are having the same issue right now as they get ready for winter.

Calling Out

This young wren was calling out to the other wrens again not far from where I was standing. Sometimes just hanging out in one spot can pay off. I love the way that the young feathers look on this bird. It is a different look, and it helps tell the story.

A Few More Photos

Here are a few bonus photos of the wrens from the last couple of weeks. They really don’t seem to mind me anymore which helps with the photography.

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