Harrison Soccer Defeats West Lafayette

Harrison Gives West Lafayette Their First Loss Of The Year

Last night I was at the West Lafayette soccer facility to see Harrison and West Side continue their rivalry. These are always good games between these two schools. For some reason it has been a while since I could see the game at West Side. There has always been an event at Purdue that has gotten in the way. Last night though luckily I was able to get out there to see some great soccer.

Amazing Light

Last night as the sun was going down I was photographing the game backlit. I noticed some interesting things happening so I moved over to try and get the sun to come right down the barrel of my lens. It was a great decision that let me make this photo. The color was so vibrant that I had to actually tone it down a little in post because it did not look believable.

What Do We Do Coach?

Just before Coach Clouse put in two subs late in the game he pulled them over to give them some instruction. I grabbed my wide angle lens and made the photo above. I thought the light was nice, and that this was the perfect moment for it. Of course whatever coach said must have been great because one of these young men nearly immediately scored what would be the game winning goal. It was then that I realized that this photo was suddenly much more than it was.

More Photos From The Match

Here is a link to my gallery from the game. I normally wait to post it until the next morning, but I decided to get it out there last night. It was a fun game so why not get the photos out? The next few days of this blog will be filled with volleyball photos. When this goes live I should be just about to start making photos of the Stacey Clark Classic at Purdue.

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