My Backyard Birds: The Ovenbird

The Ovenbird Pays A Visit To The Backyard

This year I have seen more migrating birds in my backyard than anywhere else. The ovenbird is a bird that I have been trying to make a specific photo of for a long time. I wanted a good pose with the orange up on its head. It never worked out. Yesterday an ovenbird jumped into the tree in my backyard spooked by a squirrel. As it sat there the orange came up and I had my photo. Sometimes things just work out.

How An Accident Can Help You Out

This spring something got into one of me bird feed cans in the back yard and spilled it. The birds seemed to love it so I left it as it. It was already too late to do much about it. What I found was that some of the seeds that spilled actually grew into plants. I let them grow because a feeder ban had been put in place by that time. So far this fall those plants have been attracting many birds. An accident that I was initially not happy about have led to a few photos for me.

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