Warbler Season At The Celery Bog

A Bay-breasted Warbler Popping Up

Warbler season is here. It has actually been here for a while now. In August I was seeing black and white warblers as I walked through the woods. This warbler though was hiding from me for a long time. I could see it moving a little and I said out loud that I just needed to see its head for a second. It gave me that look that I wanted and I was finally able to make a warbler photo that I liked.

Down On The Water

For some reason I have not had the patience for the warblers yet this year though. I have been having fun with the birds on the water.  This trip was no different. I found myself walking down to the water to make some photos. In photography there are always people telling you what you should make photos of. I have always found that I need to go to what I want to photograph. Below are a few photos that I made during my short stay at the bog last night.

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