Today Is The Day

One More Sleep…

Last night that is what I kept saying while thinking about being on the field in Ross Ade Stadium again. My last game on the field was November 30th, 2019. It is hard to believe that when I step out there it will have been 645 days since the last time. I can only imagine how many emotions will be going through me as I hear the fight song for the first time. How great it will be to hear the crowd roar “I am an American!” again. As I write this the night before I am predicting very little sleep. I have been waiting too long for this day. As the sun was getting ready to set I went up to campus to hang out around Ross Ade. I wanted to get a feel for the light, and to see if I could make an image as the sun was going down. Everything was quiet, but I have a strange feeling that we are in for something special tomorrow.

Soak It All In

You never really know when you are going to have the chance to do something again. When I walked off the field in 2019 for the last time I was one of the last off of the field. I followed the last player leaving off of the field. I remember kind of walking out of the stadium backwards taking it all in. You never know when any game will be your last down there. Of course nobody could have predicted a global pandemic and what it brought with it. For now things are sort of normal, and we have another game day with fans in the stands. Soak it all in Boilermakers. You have earned this game.

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