The Lafayette Aviators Win The Eastern Conference Championship

Jayson Newman Powers Lafayette Past Champion City For The Eastern Conference Championship

Saturday night was a special night. The Lafayette Aviators put on a show defeating Champion City 15-5 in eight innings. Lafayette first baseman Jayson Newman put on a show to lead his team to the win. He hit three bombs and drove in eight runs. His last home run of the night was a grand slam in the eighth inched Lafayette closer to the mercy rule win that they would eventually get. It was an amazing moment as the crowd went crazy for this team. As I was editing my photos from the night I had a baseball playlist on in the background. When I came to these images of Jayson hitting that last home run the score from The Natural came on. It only seemed fitting.

An Electric Night

Post season baseball is an amazing thing. I couldn’t make it to any college tournaments this year because of other obligations. Late in the game with the Aviators closing things out the crowd and the players were going crazy. it makes for an amazing atmosphere. If you can make it Wednesday night should be an amazing night at Loeb Stadium. A title would be an amazing way to cap off the opening year of baseball at the new Loeb Stadium. There is nothing better than post season baseball, and you have a chance to see it this week.

Playing With The Tilt Shift Again

I did not break out the tilt shift as much on Saturday night, but I did play with it for a while. It is a fun lens to get some different looks with. When you have photographed an entire season you will do anything for an image that looks a little different.

Knowing The Rules

I heard a couple of playing talking about the run rule in effect, but I really thought that they were kidding. After all I heard a lot about PCI placement earlier in the game. When the run rule went into effect I was standing there with my 70-200mm lens and a herd of players in between me and a shorter lens that I would have liked to have had out on the field. Of course a team photo came out of nowhere and I had to sprint backwards to get everyone in the frame. It came together quickly, but luckily it worked out.

In Game Portraits

One of my favorite things to do during a game is to make some portraits. The game is slow enough that you can have some fun during the in between moments. When the sun goes down and the lights come on you have some opportunities to have some fun.

Having Some Fun In The Edit

With no in camera multi exposure function on this Sony I have had to do it in post. That is not as much fun to create so I have kind of retired it. Here though it seemed like it could be fun to try out. You can see just how fast and with little wasted effort that the ball is caught and thrown to first base.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my gallery that I put out from the game yesterday. It was a fun night with a lot of emotion. I hope that my photos show that. The Aviators play game one of the championship series tonight in Missouri. They then come back home for at least one game starting Wednesday night. Selfishly I want to see this team play both Wednesday and Thursday nights so that my baseball season lasts two more games. I want to see them hoist the trophy though so hopefully they can clinch the title on Wednesday night. Come on out to Loeb Stadium. If the game was anything like the game on Saturday night you will not be disappointed.

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