Another Win For The Lafayette Aviators Over The Chillicothe Paints

Lafayette Takes Another One From Chillicothe

Last night the Lafayette Aviators didn’t wait as long to turn things around in their game against the Chillicothe Paints. They used the emotion of their coach getting kicked out of the game to get fired up and take the lead for good. This has been another fun season with the Aviators. The way that they play makes it even more fun. There are just three regular season games at home for the Aviators before the playoffs start. Hopefully they can make a run there and keep this season alive.

Using The Light

Last night I left the home dugout and went to the visitors dugout chasing the light a little. For the second night in a row a low cloud kept the late sun from hitting the field, but for a couple of innings it was still some very fun backlight. I made the first two images of this post during that time.

The Broken Bat

I went a long time this season without making a broken bat photo. Tuesday night I made a couple of photos, but because of the angle I was at you couldn’t see them very well. Last night Jayson broke a bat for the second night in a row, and I was lucky enough to be in the right place to capture it.

On The Rail

Baseball is a fun sport with the players up on the rail cheering on their teammates. I love these photos as they show some of the fun of the sport. The dugout is a really fun place to be, and I really enjoy being a part of it, and showing the little moments in between the big plays on the field. After being away from these moments for over a year because of the virus I am glad to be able to get in there and do my thing again.

Zooming In

I am not photographing for the Aviators, but they will use my photos. With that in mind I try and give them some things from time to time that are a little more timeless than a player photo. Here this photo can be used until the team switches up their jerseys. These are fun to make before the game. I am always looking for small detail photos to make. I took the macro to make more photos, but found this to be more fun to try.

More Photos From The Game

Here is my gallery from the game last night. There are still three nights here where you can check the team out.  This is a really cool stadium, and I hope that I have a handful of games left in it this season.

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