Lafayette Aviators vs. Chillicothe Paints

The Lafayette Aviators Win Another Game Late

Man this team loves the late innings. They really seem to enjoy giving their opponents hope before taking the game in the final innings. Last night they scored a couple in the eighth inning to take the game.

Thank You Mr. Umpire

I don’t normally talk about the umpires on my blog. They have a thankless job, and you only really say anything about them when they screw up. Last night there was a lot to talk about. When a pitcher has to get extra outs he does not like it. When he gets out of that jam he will be excited. Knowing this I was on the pitcher as he was trying to get out of a jam. If he struck the batter out I knew that I had a photo. Thankfully things worked out, and I made one of my favorite photos of this season.

Getting A Little More Serious

For the summer ball games I will usually just take a main camera and something wider for any stadium photos. Last night I packed a bag like I would for a game at Purdue or anywhere else. Normally I am working on a specific thing, but last night I went into game coverage mode a little. In a couple of weeks my fall sports kick up a little. I have football and soccer to cover, and more of game coverage for those gigs. There is always a little extra kick from knowing that you have a gallery to put together after the game. I can’t wait for everything to kick back up again.

The Last Days Of Baseball

If you follow this blog then you know how much I love to make baseball photos. The nature of what I do means that my baseball season is coming to an end. I have three games left this week with the Aviators and at least one playoff game next week. After that I am done with baseball for the year most likely. This has been a fun year, and I have tried to get as much in as I could. Hopefully the Aviators can make a little playoff run and give me a few extra games.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to the gallery that I put out earlier in the day today. It was a fun night at the park, and I hope that my images showed that. My plan for the week is to get that gallery up as early as I can the day after the games. As the week goes on my game stories may lag a little, but the photos at least will be out.

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